Staff List

Welcome to the staff list. We will do our best to keep this up to date but you can always check the Discord server for info or contact one of the Councillors.

Councillor Staff

  • Lidren
    • The King, The Ruler, The Almighty. Lidren is the community leader and founder. You might see him around or you might not.
  • Incorruptable
    • Also known as Ron or Inco, is the <Position Overseer>. Anything <ROLE> is under his rule. He is next in line under Lidren.
  • Dragonmankyle
    • Also known as Drake, is the Systems Overseer and Community Manager. Anything tech-related is under his domain. He also oversees all Community Moderators.
  • Coreron
    • Also known as Core, The Lore Troll, is our Lore Councilor. He develops lore for all servers.

Minecraft Staff

Most community moderators will act as Minecraft moderators. See below for info on who they are. You can always contact Dragonmankyle for more info too.

Community Staff

  • Tech:
    • Insanity Net
      • Also know as Intense_Toxicity, Intense_Death, Intense, Tech God, is the Systems Control Operator. He deals with any and all backend work including but not limited to; Website, Server Panel, Server mods, etc. Try and contact Drake before him as he can get a little annoyed with tech help requests unless he offers.
    • Rima
      • Rima is a Tech Moderator and Server Lead for the Starmade server.
  • Community Moderators:
    • Sven-Sken
      • Also known as Sven, is a Community Moderator.
    • Omega
      • Also known as Omega, Last of the Jaded, is a Community Moderator.

Retired Staff

  • Admins:
    • KDWarhammer
    • Orphanial
    • Herrsticks
    • Wah
    • AMC088
  • Community Moderators:
    • Takasaki
  • Others:
    • Aluvir
    • destrower1
    • Doomay
    • Esarai
    • Mazian
    • Lazarus/Corvus-Leon
    • Ray Kaner
    • timethatswasted

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