Ragnarok Modded Minecraft Races

Races that existed before the war:


Pre-War; Close to real-life human society, where every person has their niche role, instead of being all about the best at this one thing, it is about what you bring to the table, not how much you bring.

Mid-War; Greater union between the humans, they trust one another almost implicitly among seeing each other. They rebuild the communities they can. Amongst their Ideals is achieving their goals in any way they can.

High Elves:

Pre-War; Meritocracy, Magic based society, with enchanted objects at every turn.WIth High magic comes high technology, their leaders, however, are slightly corrupted due to wanting to gain more knowledge and be more powerful (ruthless, nature-loving, capitalists)

Mid-War; More cynical with theirs and others beliefs, yet double down on their own.

Spriggans (Wood Elves):

Pre-War; A Druidic magic-based feudal society focused on the protection and isolation of their people from the problematic world around them, their proficiency in illusion magic has lead them to be one of the most unseen folks in all of the realms.

Mid-war; Most refer to these elves as more of a myth than a reality, most of them completely cut off all communications with other empires. While some went to the front lines to aid their allies with powerful abjurations and illusions. Both parties are no longer seen amongst the realm, leaving people to think they have all but died out. Once every full moon, however, people believe they can see solitary spriggan rangers roaming like ghosts in the darkened and gnarled woods of the scarred realm.


Pre-War; Classic dwarven communities, High honor and closed borders with immovable mountain strongholds as their home.

Mid-War; They have become wary and more paranoid people. With nomadic colonies and sometimes even mobile bases, they have retreated further into themselves and the tunnels they call home.


Pre War; Proud and Ostentatious warriors, almost knightly in their demeanor, they patrol in a wide perimeter around their established homes to clear out the area of what they perceive to be ne’er do-wells. They are quick to judge others based on what words those people use.

Mid-War; Idealogical splitting from their ancestral races after the war. Certain tribes would make migrations back to the remains of long lost battlefields. Small localized tribal city-states referred to as ‘nests’. Aggressive with each other and wary to outsiders, even if they bring the most glorious of gifts.


Pre-War; Small democratic, nomadic, wayfinding tribes. Their society is driven by the movement of the natural forces and the betterment of the world around them, from this they draw their magick.

Mid-war; Disconnection from their nomadic ways. Turning a little more of their focus to internal and interpersonal struggles.


Pre War; Kind-hearted individuals that seemed to pop up wherever you went. Superstitious and happy-go-lucky. The closely-knit communities existed in seemingly hidden valleys all across the realm. Trusting and welcoming of outsiders, good at scrambled battle tactics when in need of defense. Excellent tinkerers and proficient with illusion magic.

Mid-War; With their good improvisational skills, accepting attitude, and proficiency with illusions; these folk were prime candidates for assassins, rearguards, and skirmishers. Almost forced into frontline battles with deities, this smallfolk now has a bit of an edge to their demeanor. Their warm and trusting arms now hold against those with cool jaded words and readied weapons.


Pre War; Paragons of magic and technology, conquering the Air and Land, with large command fleets and rigid Protocol these people were a force to be feared by all.

Mid-War; Dragonborn society has done a drastic 180 since the war. Whilst few colonies try to keep protocol through force, many have succumbed to the hedonism and overindulgence. They went from using masses of technological might to only might through complex ritual magics and fighting styles. All to hopefully hear word from their goddess.


Pre War: Societies of elven individuals who had lost magic and beauty after being shunned by their god. Aggressive tribal behavior, and generally uncaring for politics and events outside of their own tribal circles and said circle’s survival.


With the fall of the deific realm and its inhabitants, the Orcish tribes have gained some level of arrogance and boosted confidence. Finding so many other races in a disarray and weakened state, many tribes are now united and making haste to prey upon the weakened states of those that remain.

Races Created by Magical Corruption Mid War:

Corruptions of Humans:

DireFolk (Wolf people): Deep in the northern realms, humans once tried to weather the war in the heavens on the cold lands, hoping to find the deities being merciful to themselves given the conditions they subjected themselves to. One particular night, a massive blizzard swept across the plains of the tundra they sheltered on, those that were taken by the cold passed in their sleep, peacefully and without notice. Those that survived… were graced by fur, improved senses and most of all: strength. They found themselves warmer in their clothes, hunting easier and the capacity to build more permanent cities made easier with their strength. When calling out with prayer and pleas to know who had graced them with such bountiful improvements, they found the clouds parting, starlight drifting down upon them and gracing their eyes. Up above the constellations seemed to beckon and call to them, almost as if to tell them they were to thank, twinkling in the night sky. Now the Direfolk pray to their new deities, the stars, one of the few groups to actively believe in and follow the guidance of what they believe to be a higher power. 


Corruption of Smallfolk:

Ratvolk (Rat People):

What do you get when a bunch of smallfolk living in various large cities, taking refuge in the sewers and catacombs amidst the filth and rats, getting flooded by the deluge of magic from the attacks they’re sheltering from? A society twisted and deformed from their original shapes, now with buck teeth, hideous fur, sharing more in common with the rats they shared the space with than their original forms. Their brains as fried as their twisted forms, there were few masters of engineering left, but those that existed were of great value, taking the reigns of their new societies and directing the masses to build great contraptions and war machines. Given they were forced to hide from the more “proper” societies, nearly universally hated, they kept their secrets of industry, power and magic to themselves, carving out vast Underland empires for themselves, many times in the shadows of those above. As to their origins, given how universally equal their transformations are despite the vast distances between cities they sheltered in, those that know of them, question if this was not their fate at the hands of a god with particularly malevolent intent, as for the Ratvolk themselves? They don’t care. 


Corruptions of Elves:

Salamanders (Lamia High Elves): 

As the war grew long, high elven mages believed that what was needed to win was surviving the holy fire of the battles before them. To do this these elves altered themselves magically to withstand the most extreme temperatures, as well as alter their magic to evoke the most destruction in their wake. This fighting fire with fire leads to them being as forceful as the gods they are wished to destroy. These folk are now as tyrannical in strength as dragons, and always ready for a battle.

Sylphs (Winged High Elves):

In the midst of the war, the High Elves needed elite forces to assist in breaking the stalemate that they found themselves in. Their Deity graced several families with the gift of flight, allowing their troops to have an edge when fighting. These families have since set themselves apart and at the top of Elven Society with their smugness and arrogance eclipsing the average high elf.

Undine (Water Elves):

Originally part of the merchant guilds for the high elves, the majority of the Undine would come about thanks to calamities at sea, the wrath of deities sending ships to davy jones locker but not sending the inhabitants to their watery graves. Instead those that would fall into the water would be cursed, doomed to spend their lives trapped beneath the waves, incapable of breathing air anymore, their gills limiting them to the deep. 

TECH STAFF NOTE: Please be aware that due to how the mechanics of this race work you WILL drown as if underwater when you are on land. Also of note is that the oceans contain Sea Serpents from the Ice and Fire mod and they can hit HARD, please be careful playing this race in the ocean while we tweak the mechanics. Tech God* (Some Cond Apply) [Systems Operator]

Omikyr (Deer People):

As the spriggans cut off connections with the others, their kingdoms retreated into druidic magics to keep their folk and homes alive and well during the scarring of the war. Over time, these people became one with nature and as the deities died they seemed to form a new bond of worship for nature and the representation through totems. As time grew longer in their isolation they underwent changes into people with a more animal appearance until they were something completely different from what they once were.

Soft Rarity Scale:

Spriggans:(Bonemealer 4, Saturation 1) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Botania, Druidic)

Elves: (Magic Shielding 2, Saturation 1) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Botania, Electroblobs)

Jotun: (Resistance 2, Reach 1) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Astral Sorcery, Erebus)


Salamanders:(Fire Resistance, Magic Focus 2) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Electroblobs, Blood Magic)

Sylph:(Flight) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Botania, Electroblobs)

Undine:(Drowning, Luck, Nightvision) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Electroblobs, Aquaculture)

Omikyr:(Speed 3) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Totemic, Druidic)


Birdfolk:(Flight) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Electroblobs)

Ratvolk:(Night Vision, Speed, Luck) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Immersive, Thaumcraft)


Direfolk:(Strength 2, Jump boost 1) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Astral Sorcery, Totemic)

Orcs:(Strength 2, Resistance 1) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Totemic, Blood Magic

Dracofolk:(Absorption 1, Strength 2) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Thaumcraft, Totemic)


Smallfolk:(Luck 1, Saturation 2) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Botania, Electroblobs)

Dwarves:(Night Vision, Solid Core, Haste) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Embers, Thaumcraft)

Humans:(Absorption 3) (Recommended Roleplay Mods: Any)

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