Community Rules

Please remember to check back often as these rules may be amended at any time and it is your responsibility to follow them. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse, especially as they are easily available.

1.) Please refrain from being a jerk, not only does this make you look bad to others, but it also could lead to punishments if it violates other rules.

2.) Listen to all warnings or directions given out by staff members. This could be from community staff, tech staff, or game staff.

3.) Don’t spam in the forums or the Discord chat. It’s annoying and can result in you getting the cone of shame resulting in a temporary mute.

4.) Keep things PG-13. Not all of our members are adults, and while we curate a mostly mature atmosphere, we also would like to not make our younger members uncomfortable being here.

5.) Keep yourself and others accountable to provide the best experience for as many people as possible. Not every dispute requires staff intervention and we don’t hover over the forums or channels watching your every action. If you have a problem with another member please try to talk it out with them before bringing it to staff. Usually, issues can be resolved by simply communicating clearly.

6.) It sounds cheesy but just have fun and enjoy yourself. We the staff want to provide the best environment for you the community, if there’s something you’d like to see or have added feel free to bring it up with a ticket in the Discord channel #suggestions, the worst thing that could happen is we say no. To begin talking in our community please look to newcomers or Discord #newcomers.

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